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Persephone's Sanctuary

The Light In case of Mercury RX Intention Candle

The Light In case of Mercury RX Intention Candle

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Mercury Rx can be a bit stressful! So I poured these "Light In Case Of Mercury RX" on a Mercury ruled day to ground you to the earth & help transmute that caca energy into something useful.

Scented with:
❕Coconut for protection & purification
❕Sea salt for an added boost of protection, purification, & prosperity.
❕Vanilla to sweeten any shituation thrown your way while mercury retrogrades and also for love, peace, & luck
They’re topped with:
✨Rosemary for remembrance
✨Lavender which is actually ruled by Mercury to help you RElax & REstore your peace while the planets kick up old shit around you.
✨& a smoky quartz to ground you to the earth, help relieve stress/anxiety, and neutralize any negativity coming your way. This crystal has also been known to promote positive thoughts and help with communication and concentration. It’s hands down one of my GO TO crystals for just about ANY situation. 

This 100% soy-based candle contains:

  • OG soy wax for a longer, cleaner burn with a stronger scent throw
  • A crackling wooden wick to set the vibe
  • Subtle notes of coconut, sea salt, and vanilla
  • Smoky Quartz for grounding and protection


Dye-free, no lead, phthalate, or paraffin, in a reusable tin.

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