Our intentions as a company are to empower you to integrate your shadow + reclaim your power through devotional, intentional, and sustainable products. 
At Persephone's Sanctuary, everything is intentionally made with you and the planets in mind. Our production schedule is based off of the magical days of the week and their correspondences for an added boost to your rituals and spells.

Now a message from the one and only, Perstephone (Stephanie) the creatrix, magician, and vision behind Persephone's Sanctuary. 
As someone with Pluto in their 10th house, I experience a lot of death and rebirth themes dealing with my career, reputation, and public image. 
Persephone's Sanctuary was birthed into existence after experiencing a sudden and tragic loss that inspired me to change my life for the better. I created this business as a way to heal my nervous system and escape a timeline that was no longer serving me, one where I would most likely drink myself to death. I quit my job of 10 years and 
I took a huge leap of faith in 2021, decided to risk everything, and bet on myself for once. I had to  completely reinvent myself and start over from scratch. It's been truly exhilarating and I would recommend it to everyone I know!  

Persephone's Sanctuary has given me the freedom to get back in touch with my roots and my soul's true calling. It's empowered me to reclaim my power and start playing an active role in creating a life I love.

I infuse everything I do with great love + intention. If you wish to know me better, check out my podcast!