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Kali Candle

Kali Candle

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Our Kali candle, a bewitching creation echoing the essence of the Hindu goddess, embellished with smoky quartz and black tourmaline, entwined with scents of blood orange, cedarwood, and patchouli, stands as a radiant tribute to divine allure.

Kali Ma is the dark goddess of time, death, and destruction. Her story begins in the middle of another story, the myth of Durga. “The battle worsened and it seemed the demons were getting stronger and stronger each time Durga attacked them. When Durga saw the havoc that this demon was creating, she realized that an even fiercer expression of the feminine was needed. There was just no space for nice; there was no space anymore for acceptable, digestible or graceful. A power of the feminine was needed that was so strong and unfiltered, one beyond cognition, one that structures of society had forever feared and created elaborate structures to try to control and suppress.
Durga called upon this fiercest dark feminine, and out of her forehead came Kali Ma” who was the embodiment of raw, unmasked rage driven by her fierce love of truth. 

Excerpt from Chameli’s teachings on the Goddess Kali.

The Kali candle is made and packaged with perfect love and intention. This 100% soy based candle contains:


    • 100% organic soy wax for a longer, cleaner burn
    • A crackling wooden wick to set the vibe
    • Subtle notes of Blood orange, cedar, & patchouli 
    • Topped with Black tourmaline, smoky quartz, orange, and hibiscus
    • Eco-Friendly and lead, phthalate, paraffin, & dye free
    • Reusable tin

8oz burn = 40+hours
12oz burn = 100+hours


We are committed to sourcing only the highest quality materials to produce our products, ensuring a clean burn that you can count on. Our commitment to cruelty-free practices is reflected in every step of our production process, from start to finish.

Our ingredients, including wax, oils, and wicks, are free of harmful molecules commonly used in the fragrance industry such as phthalates, prop 65 warnings, carcinogens, mutagens, reproductive toxins, organ toxins, acute toxins, antimicrobials, and animal derivatives to promote a clean, safe and toxin-free candle burning experience.

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Customer Reviews

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Not just for the ladies…

I went through some pretty serious trauma one day and lit this candle to remind me of my own inner strength when I felt helpless. My husband commented on how much he enjoyed the scent, which turned into a conversation about the mythology of Kali. He was touched by her story and felt a connection to this powerful Goddess that was unexpected for us both. This candle captures the magick and mythos of Kali in a fresh unisex fragrance that inspires strength, transformation and growth.

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