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Persephone's Sanctuary

Forest Witch Intention Candle

Forest Witch Intention Candle

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Awaken your sense of intention with the Forest Witch Intention Candle. Expertly crafted with a calming scent of ganja flower and gardenia, this candle is designed to help nurture peaceful intentions and promote inner balance.

This Forest Witch Intention Candle is designed to ground you with its earthy forest scent. Experience the magic of nature and its earthy aromas one burn at a time. 

 The Forest Witch is essential for cleansing your energy and grounding you to the earth.
It's perfect for the eclectic witch that loves to live simply and finds both herself and her power out in nature.100% soy-based candle contains:

  • OG soy wax for a longer, cleaner burn with a stronger scent throw
  • A crackling wooden wick to set the vibe
  • Subtle notes of¬†ganja flower, gardenia, and vetiver
  • Tiger eye for courage, protection, and insight
  • Palo Santo for cleansing and to relieve stress and anxiety
  • Cedar for healing, power, and longevity
  • Rosemary for clarity, luck, and strength¬†


Dye-free, no lead, phthalate, or paraffin, in a reusable tin.

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