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Persephone's Sanctuary

Divinely Guided & Protected Ritual Oil

Divinely Guided & Protected Ritual Oil

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The Divinely Guided & Protected Oil 

Benefit from Divine guidance and protection with this Ritual Oil. Carefully hand crafted for ancestor work, spirit communication, meditation, dream work, necromancy, and seances.

The oil is designed to support you in connecting to your ancestors and spirit guides, while being guarded from unwanted energy. Enjoy the spiritual experience of being truly protected and guided by the Divine.

Ready to dive into the magical realm of this oil? Anoint your body, use to infuse your bath, bless your candles, stir it into your spells, anoint your tag locks and dolls - the possibilities are endless! Whether you're soaking in a luxurious bath or honing in on your personal goals, this oil has got your back! Just remember, always do a skin patch test before going all in.

Made on Saturn day with a blend of grapeseed & vitamin E oil, infused with herbs corresponding with spirit communication, divination, protection, + purification

2 fl oz glass dropper bottle 

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Customer Reviews

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Maddie // RITUALS herbal
Divinely Guided is RIGHT!

Ritual oils are some of my favorite tools when working with guides, and I felt called to this one! It smells divine & it feels even better. I feel the intention used when this product was made. If you need yourself a little extra protection (protect yo neck) — this product is for you.

Protect your energy

I put on a dab of this every morning as part of my getting ready ritual. Especially on days where my plans have me feeling vulnerable or anxious. I breathe it in, affirm to myself I am divinely protected from forces seen and unseen, and go about my day. The intentions and power put into this oil are no joke!

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