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Persephone's Sanctuary



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Do you know Ol’ St. NIck’s partner in crime?

Krampus is a half-goat, half-demon monster that punishes misbehaving children at Christmas time.


According to legend, he is the son of Hel, the Norse god of the underworld.


Krampus comes around the night of December 5, tagging along with St. Nicholas. He goes from house to house all night with Santa Clause. While St. Nick is on hand to put candy in the shoes of good kids and birch twigs in the shoes of the bad, Krampus' particular specialty is punishing naughty children. Legend has it that throughout the Christmas season, misbehaved kids are beaten with birch branches or tend to disappear, getting dragged and stuffed into Krampus' sack and hauled off to his lair to be punished.


This isn’t your typical “sweet cookies for Krampus” candle scent.

Instead, we decided to take a different route and decided to conjure up the scent of Krampus himself.

Scent notes: oak moss, patchouli, white birch, cinnamon bark, cranberry woods


✨This is a very SMALL and limited batch.✨

This 100% soy based candle contains:

  • 100% OG soy wax for a longer, cleaner burn with a stronger scent throw
  • An eco friendly FSC certified crackling wooden wick
  • Topped with garnet, obsidian, elderflower, cinnamon 
  • Eco-Friendly and lead, phthalate, + paraffin free 
  • 8oz Reusable tin


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