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Persephone's Sanctuary

Glass Prosperity Vintage Vessel

Glass Prosperity Vintage Vessel

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Prosperity spelled candle in a vintage candy dish scent notes: Apple, Cinnamon, Orange, Cranberry, & Pomegranate.

✨This candle was handcrafted on Jupiter’s day 1/11 for an added boost of magick to your manifestations.💰✨

it comes with everything you need to start a prosperity altar including a Prosperity spell jar & affirmation card.

Intentionally Adorned with:

Green Aventurine Prosperity & Successful Business


Tiger Eye For Luck, Money, Personal Growth 

Citrine for Luck & Personal Growth

Bay Leaves for Prosperity & Success

Star Anise Luck & Money

Clove for Dominance & Prosperity 

Rice for Blessings & Wealth

Basil for Better business 

Mint for Prosperity & Protection 

Patchouli for Success & Fertility 

Alfalfa Leaf for Anti hunger & Prosperity

Elder Flower love & purification 

Cinnamon for focus & success 




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